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Silvia A. Ramos



1985 – 1990      Instituto Superior de Arte (Fine Arts University)           Havana, Cuba

Bachelor of Fine Arts

§         Specialized in Dramaturgy, Theatrical Research and Criticism. Graduated with honors and a perfect grade point average. Degree validated by the University of Miami.


1971 – 1973      Instituto de Diseño Gráfico (College of Graphic Design) Havana, Cuba                   

Associate in Arts

§         Specialized in Graphic Design for Informational Technology.


April – July 2002 Florida Memorial College                     Miami, Florida 

Associate in Child Development (CDA)


Graduate Studies

§         Workshops and classes on Dramaturgy, Stage Direction, Acting and Theatrical Research.

§         Workshop The Reggio Emilia Approach and Interpretations in the United States, University of Boulder, Colorado, June 2000.

§         Developmentally Appropriate Practices for Young Children. Miami-Dade Community College, November 2001.

§         Behavioral Observation and Screening in Child Care. Miami-Dade Community College, November 2001.

§         Introductory Child Care Training Course. Miami-Dade Community College, November 2001.

§         Workshop on Reggio Emilia Philosophy and Practice. Prof. Julianne Wurm. The Joy of Learning, November 2002.

§         Developmentally Appropriate Practices for Children with Special Needs. Training at Miami-Dade Community College. January 2003.

§         Online Course on Documentation, Prof. George Forman, University of Massachusetts, April – June 2003.

§         Early Childhood Education of Tomorrow, Course at Miami-Dade Community College, Wolfson Campus Child Development Center, June 2003.

Professional Experience

1990 – Present Professional Writer        

§         Playwriting and screenwriting.

§         Articles, essays, translations, and other writings for diverse newspapers and magazines.


1973 – Present   Professional Designer

§         Graphics, Webs, Illustrations, Multimedia Projects.


2004                    School Board of Miami-Dade                                       Miami, Florida

Administrative Aide School Board Member Frank J. Cobo.


2004                    Frank J. Cobo Campaign for School Board                Miami, Florida

Graphics Designer & Translator


2004                    One UTD Caucus Campaign for UTD                          Miami, Florida

Web Designer, Webmaster, Graphics Designer & Translator



2003 – 2004      Marta Perez for Mayor Campaign                                 Miami, Florida

Web Designer, Webmaster, Graphics Designer & Translator

§         Complete design of website (

§         Upgrading and Maintaining website up to date.

§         Designing weekly e-mails with HTML graphics.

§         Creation and maintenance of list serve.

§         Writing the candidate’s speeches in Spanish.

§         Translating all literature and publications from English to Spanish.

§         Designing all promotional publications, including writing its contents.


2002 – Present  Impact Key Communications, Inc.                               Miami, Florida


§         Coordinate and provide technical and artistic guidance on marketing strategies, including graphic, multimedia and web design.


2000 – 2003      The Joy of Learning                                                             Miami, Florida

 Atelierista & Designer (Graphics, Media & Web)                   

§         Trained classroom teachers in curriculum development and documentation.

§         Coordinated professional development activities for instructional staff.

§         Taught computer design software programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, Power Point, Microsoft Publisher, Macromedia Director, Flash, QuarkXpress, etc.) to instructional staff for the purpose of enhancing the development of documentation.

§         Designed advertising materials (School Year Book, Multimedia presentations (Movies, Macromedia Director and Power Point presentations).

§         Created, designed, wrote and edited The Third Angle, a family electronic website/newsletter ( ).

§         Coordinating and implementing marketing strategies for promotional purposes.

§         Serving as adviser and consultant to the school owner in areas such as school policies, curriculum and implementation of promotional marketing plans.

§         Facilitating students’ cognitive, social and emotional development through many symbolic languages, including drawing, sculpture, dramatic play and writing.

§         Created and developed “The Young Writers Workshop” a space for children to create their own stories. As part of this initiative, wrote, designed and edited 14 different stories on books and multimedia presentations.


1999 – 2000      Berlitz Languages International, Inc.                         Miami, Florida

Spanish Professor


1998 – 1999      Editorial Cernuda, Inc.                                                        Miami, Florida

Educational and Marketing/Sales Advisor

§         Promoting company sales of  English Language Courses for Spanish language native speakers.

1992 – 1997      Instituto Superior de Arte                                                 Havana, Cuba

Chairperson of the Department of Dramaturgy and Theatrical Theory

§         Outlined the development policies for the programs of study of Dramaturgy and Theatrical Theory in the Facultad de Artes Escénicas (College of Performing Arts) of the Instituto Superior de Arte (Fine Arts University). Supervised the implementation of these programs by the faculty staff.

§         Approved faculty schedules for a staff of eight professors and performed general administrative duties as required by the position.

§         Supervised and coordinated the research activities and efforts of faculty members and developed new lines of investigation.

§         Taught graduate and undergraduate classes of disciplines such as:

·         Dramaturgy

·         Linguistics and Style

·         Semiology and Semiotic

·         Dramatic Analysis and Research, and

·         Dramatic Creation Workshop.

§         Presided over the admissions and graduations committees of the Facultad de Artes Escénicas.

1990-1992         Grupo de Teatro Aram                                                        Havana, Cuba

Stage Director

§         Directed several plays until the communist government of Cuba classified one of them as “counter-revolutionary”, censured it and dissolved the group as a consequence.


1983-1997         Ministerio de Cultura                                                           Havana, Cuba

Writer and Literary Workshops Tutor

n         (See Publications and Additional Professional Activities)



§         “Rompiendo Moldes en la Educación Temprana”, Tiempos del Mundo, Washington D.C., Nov. 4, 2004.

§         “El Modelo Actancial: Límites y Proyecciones en el Análisis Teatral Contemporáneo”, Cúpulas magazine, no. 1, Havana, 1996.

§         Translation from French to Spanish of Uberfeld, Anne. L’École du Spectateur, Publicaciones de la Asociación de Directores de Escena de España, Madrid, 1997.

§         Translation from English to Spanish of Patrice Pavis, “The Discourse of the Mime”, Tablas magazine, Havana, 1991.

§         Translation from English to Spanish of Tim Fitzpatrick, “Analysis of the Text, Analysis of the Representation: Towards a Theoretic Model”, Tablas magazine, Havana, 1989.

§         Translation from English to Spanish of Patrice Pavis, “The Aesthetics of Reception: Analysis of Some Relationships”, Teoría Teatral, Instituto Superior de Arte, Havana, 1987.

§         Translation from English to Spanish of Patrice Pavis, “About the Brechtian Notion of Gestus” , Conjunto magazine, Havana, 1987

§         “Elefante y Teatro, Algunas Coincidencias” (Criticism), Tablas magazine, Havana, 1990.

§         “La Crónica” (Play) in Teatro Para Adultos, Ediciones Extramuros, Havana, 1989.

§         “Las Mariposas” (play) in Teatro Para Adultos, Ediciones Extramuros, Havana, 1988.

§         Some poems, Albur magazine, no. 2, Havana, 1987

§         “No a la Mediocridad” (Article), Alma Máter magazine, no. 285, Havana, 1986.

Additional Professional Activities

§         As Writer, more than 20 plays, many of them published and represented in Cuba, a poetry book, in process of edition and a novel also in process of edition.

§         As Multimedia and Web Designer:

·         UTD Satellite Learning Center, multimedia presentation.

·         The Joy of Learning, multimedia presentation on CD and DVD.

·         The Flower, the Sun and  the Sharks, multimedia presentation on CD and DVD.

·         Two Heart Flowers, multimedia presentation on CD and DVD.

·         Three Little Cats, multimedia presentation on CD and DVD.

·         Dr. Shirley B. Johnson  for UTD, website (

·         Dr. Marta Perez, website (

·         Cámara de Comercio Latina de Homestead (CAHISCO), website (in process).

·         The Third Angle, website (

·         The Young Writers Workshop, website (in process).

·         One UTD Caucus, website (


§         Research:

·         El Lenguaje Teatral: Texto Escrito, Texto Actoral, Texto Espectacular (1998)

·         Diálogos Entre Texto y Teatro (1990)

·         Máscara y Teatro (1989)

·         Teatralidad e Identidad en Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda (1989)

·         Potencialidad Espectacular del Texto Dramático. Aproximación a un Método de Análisis. (1988)


§         Spanish, English, and French

Other Skills

§         Computer Software: Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher, Director, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Go Live, After Effects, Page Maker, QuarkXpress, etc.

§         Professional Writer and Translator English-Spanish and French-Spanish.

§         Marketing and Sales

§         Internet 

§         Typing – 65 WPM

§         General Office Skills


§        Available upon request.


§  (personal website).

§        Samples of Scripts, Essays and other writings available upon request.

§        Also available upon request are samples of graphics, web and media designs.

Awards Received

§         “Amantes de Teruel” Poetry Contest: First Prize for a Book of Poems, Spain, July 2004.

§         “Emilia Bernal” Poetry Contest: First Prize (Miami, FL, 2004).

§         Award given by National Association of Cuban American Educators (NACAE) and the “Emilia Bernal Foundation”.

§         UNEAC National Theater Contest: Mention for the play Tula 1854 (1991)

§         Sixth Scientific Research Conference of the Instituto Superior de Arte: Prize to the Best Theater Research for Diálogos Entre Texto y Teatro (1990)

§         National Criticism Contest of the Brigada “Hermanos Saiz”: Mention for the critique Dulces Horas (1985)

§         Other Prizes and Mentions at several Literary Workshop Contests in Cuba in the categories of Theater and Poetry (1985 - 1989).